Quality & Environment


As the market leader for roofs & temperature management, the most important factors for success are a consistent quality management and the improvement of processes. The automotive industry’s most important challenges are to reduce fuel consumption and alternative vehicle concepts.


Quality is our target

Ensuring quality

Ensuring quality. In light of shorter project life spans, a number of processes no longer run in series but in parallel. At the same time, the number of interfaces is increasing. In order to ensure that our high quality standards are maintained at this level of complexity, we must continuously make our processes more efficient and use our resources as economically as possible.

Global cooperation. An important element in ensuring high quality is customer orientation in the sense of a profound understanding of customer requirements and processes. To this end, Webasto is firstly in close contact with its customers, suppliers and other business partners and secondly this exchange also applies internally for our central locations with our national and international divisions and their sites. This is the only way to satisfy global customer expectations. 

Demanding and encouraging quality. The motivation and performance of our employees as well as teamwork make a very important contribution to guaranteeing the quality requirements. Webasto encourages compliance with current requirements and an alignment to future requirements and processes through constant continuing education and on-the-job training


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