Rooftop air-conditioning systems 10.0 to 18.0 kW cooling capacity


Perfect air-conditioning in small and medium-sized buses.

The rooftop air-conditioning systems are designed especially for air-conditioning small and medium-sized buses with up to 35 seats. These units are very reliable and have a long service life. There is a wide range of accessories, such as control elements, air ducts and installation sets, available for these air-conditioning systems. The housings of these air-conditioning systems can be painted to match the color of the vehicle.


For complete air-conditioning solutions, the Compact Cooler 8, Panama, Madrid and Santana models have an optional heating function.


Product benefits

  • Air-conditioning systems with a cooling capacity of 10.0 to 18.0 kW
  • Compact construction and aerodynamic design
  • High efficiency in relation to the dimensions
  • High-quality and reliable  components from proven series production processes
  • Air distribution via a central duct or two side ducts
  • Choose between fresh air and recirculated air (optional)
  • Easy installation and low maintenance

Installation example




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