Air conditioning systems for special vehicles: 4 - 9.9 kW


This series of rooftop air-conditioning systems is ideal for a broad scope of commercial vehicles. The range starts from light-duty vehicles mini buses seating up to 15 passengers to specialty vehicles such as ambulances and fire engines and in agricultural and construction industry vehicles. Featuring constant airflow provision resulting from the integration of high-efficiency, durable fans and blowers, these systems are not only highly reliable, but renowned for their long service life.

A variety of available accessories for vehicle-specific retrofitting includes control units, air vents and ducts as well as installation kits. The units can be customized right down to painting in vehicle colors.

For perfect climate control, the Portofino and San Marino models also feature a heating function.


Product benefits

  • Air-conditioning solutions offering cooling performance ranging from 4.0 to 9.9 kW
  • Compact design facilitates installation in a variety of vehicle categories
  • High thermodynamic efficiency in terms of overall dimensions
  • Durable, top quality components with long service life, from proven series production
  • Low fuel consumption thanks to lightweight construction & aerodynamic design
  • Easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements

Installation example




Further information

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