Optimum working climate in light-duty vehicles

Air-conditioning systems


High interior temperatures and poor air quality lower the driver's capacity to concentrate and increase the risk of a micro sleepwhile driving. An air-conditioning system can help to prevent this. Thus, it not only generates well-being, it can increase safety at work and on the road. And it does so all year round. Webasto provides two differents systems: Roof-mounted and integrated air-conditioning solutions.


Roof-Mounted Air-Conditioning Systems

When your workplace is not only safe, but also comfortable. A workplace with good air-conditioning enhances concentration and can contribute to increased safety. 
Webasto rooftop air-conditioning solutions are as efficient as they are compact. Customized and at the same time very easy to retrofit. Upon request, the rooftop air-conditioner can be painted in the color of the vehicle.


Integrated Air-Conditioning Systems

The wide range of integrated air-conditioning units offer comfortable and realiable temperatures.  They can be integrated either under the dashboard or the roof, installed in the vehicle ceiling or vertically, These climate control systems provide the flexibility that different vehicles require. These customized air-conditioning solutions are equipped with high-efficiency fans and blowers that deliver a constant airflow and ensure a long service life. 

A variety of available accessories and kits for vehicle-specific installation includes rooftop or under-chassis condensers, control units, air vents and ducts and installation kits. For the optimum complete climate solution, some models have the added benefit of a heating function.