A success story since 1901


Webasto has been family-owned since its foundation in 1901. The company has been a supplier to the automotive industry for over 75 years: today it is split into the divisions Convertible, Roof & Body and Global Comfort Solutions for heating and air conditioning systems.


The dawn of an modern era (1901 - 1935)

Wilhelm Baier
Location Stockdorf 1908
bus 1932
„Car fresh air heating“: Flüstertüte

1901: Foundation
At the age of 55, Wilhelm Baier founds a company that goes by the name of: „Esslinger Draht und Eisenwarenfabrik Wilhelm Baier, Esslingen/Neckar“.



1908: Move to Stockdorf/ Bavaria
One profits from the proximity to the North-Italian bike industry and uses the power of the river Würm to drive machines, Splashguards and racks are part of the portfolio.



1932: Steel plate and fabric
In the middle of the 30s the first folding roof of Webasto – the so-called “Baier folding roof” – is assembled into a panorama bus.


1935: Webasto puts the heating on
Wilhelm Baier constructs the „Car fresh air heating“ for water-cooled engines. The „Flüstertüte“ uses the principle of a heat exchanger.


A time full of innovations (1952 - 1974)

bus 1952
Pioneer Work: fist steel sunroof

1952: More than hot air
Development of the first heater for buses as well as engine-independent heaters for passenger cars.

1956: Pioneer Work

Webasto delivers the first steel sunroof to Daimler-Benz – on order for the types 180 till 220 as well as for the 300er special class („Adenauer“).



1974: 1974: The Start of the Glass Roof's
A glass roof in the Ford Fiesta brings light and a feeling of space into the car. 5 years later the first serial pop-up sliding glass roof is installed.


Innovation & expansion (1986 - 1992)

location Schierling 1986
Audi A80 Solarroof
location NBB 1992

1986: Foundation of the expansion
Webasto becomes a corporation. The Webasto AG Fahrzeugtechnik grows continuously and begins the sunroof production in the new plant in Schierling (near Regensburg).

1989: Light and air

The Audi A80 Coupé is equipped with the first sunroof with mono-crystalline solar cells for parking ventilation, which provides ventilation while closed.

1992: Neubrandenburg – New perspectives

With the construction of a new manufacturing plant the former VEB Sirokko turns into a modern factory for parking heaters.


Successful into the new millenium (2000 - 2009)

Smart Convertible
Polycarbonateroof smart fortwo
location Gilching
Softtop Audi A3

2000: Smart Convertible Roof
An attractive, small and modern car: the first convertible roof from Webasto is one of the most up-to-date of its time. It can be opened and closed during travel – just like a sliding roof.



2007: Big things for the little one
The Smart fortwo show-cases the worldwide largest polycarbonate panorama roof of Webasto.




2008: Expansion
Opening of the new headquarters of Thermo & Comfort in Gilching.



2009: Acquisition despite the crisis
Acquisition of the convertible division of Edscha – the largest acquisition of Webasto.


On a growth track (2010 - heute)

BMW Z4 Convertible
Thermo Top Evo
BMW 3series convertible
75 years sunroof systems
Diavia Logo
Location Stockdorf

2010: Expansion in full swing
With the aquisition of Karmann North America Webasto extended its position as market leader for convertible roofs . For the first time ever the group achieved sales of around 2 billion Euros

2010: Next-generation parking heater
The new Thermo Top Evo automobile heaters are the lightest in their class.




2011: 25 years convertible feeling
The story of the Convertible Roofs unit began with the start of production for the BMW 3 series convertible.



2012: 75 years sunroof systems
Starting with the first folding roof for a manufacturer in 1937, the Webasto automotive history began.


2012: Diavia Acquisition
Acquisition of the Diavia air conditioning division for off-road and special-purpose vehicles from Delphi Italia Automotive Systems. New locations in Molinella (Italy) and Madrid (Spain).



2012: New Corporate Structure
Divestment of Roof and Heating Systems to the independent operating companies: Webasto Roof & Components SE and Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE. Conversion of Webasto AG to Webasto SE.