Heating solutions for every requirement


As a world market leader, Webasto develops and produces air heaters for interior cab comfort and coolant heaters for engine pre-heat. Both systems provide an efficient working environment even at extreme outdoor temperatures.


Why a coolant heater?

Cold engines work inefficiently; wear increases and the useful life decreases. For you that means: higher fuel consumption and higher costs. The best solution is a Webasto coolant heater. It is integrated into the engine coolant circuit and brings the engine up to operating temperature to eliminate cold starts. In certain applications, supplemental heat is also provided to the cab interior, increasing driver comfort. Wasteful idling during rest periods is unnecessary!

Webasto coolant heaters are available with an output range of 17,200 - 120,000 Btu/h.


Why an air heater?

Comfortable warmth in the driver's cabin during breaks and rest periods. A warm cab and a clear view without ice and snow – this is possible with Webasto. Webasto air heaters provide immediate heat, making interiors more comfortable for drivers while saving fuel from engine-off operation.

By drawing in ambient air, passing it over a high efficiency heat exchanger, warming it and discharging it into the cab, a Webasto air heater is able to rapidly heat the cab interior. Webasto supplies air heaters in an output range of 7,000 - 18,700 Btu/h.