Small cars, great fun!


Luxury is not about the size of the car. Those who were smart and chose a very small one, now enjoys double benefits. Not only are you ahead of the game as compared to luxury sedans and SUVs in terms of finding a parking space and at the pump. Now you are also getting the comfort of a parking heater at a special price.

Whether it's the tried and tested Thermo Top E model or the new compact Thermo Top Evo 4 - these Webasto parking heaters fit into any small car. Don't forego the benefits of an efficient parking heater in your small car. It is precisely the interior of a small car that can be quickly and cost-effectively pre-heated. So your windows are clear and the engine is at operating temperature from the beginning, allowing you a safe and environmentally friendly start.


Data table

Heater type Thermo Top Evo 4
Thermo Top E
Fuel consumption (l)
in a 20 min. heating phase at full load*
ca. 0.17
ca. 0.17
Heater outputs (kW)
Full / partial load
4.2 / 2.5
4.2 / 2.5
Power consumption (W)
Full / partial load
35 / 26
35 / 26
Dimensions (mm)
length x width x height
218 x 91 x 147
214 x 106 x 168
Weight of heater (kg)
2.39 3.2

* Approx. 20 - 40 % of the quoted fuel consumption is compensated by the lower consumption of your pre-heated engine.


Diesel drivers are at an advantage

Diesel owners are the lucky ones with a Webasto upgrade kit! Diesel cars are often equipped with an ex factory "auxiliary heater" that can be upgraded to a full-fledged parking heater at very low cost. Many models thus already have half the parking heater  installed and paid for. 

This section contains a list of vehicles (PDF, 37 kB) that can be upgraded


Video: How a parking heater works